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Medical gas consoles of westmedgroup ltd.

Medical gas consoles of WestMedGroup Ltd.

Serious manufacturers do not limit their activities at well-established contracts. They are constantly in search of new markets, so eager to expand the infrastructure, training and development technologies. Company WestMedGroup follows this principle, becoming the manufacturer of budget health consoles in 2015. They are similar to the console that were made in the Czech Republic, but we decided to go further than simply purchasing ready equipment. From the Czech Republic delivered technological parts, assembled in a single unit in the Moscow region. 

Customs duties on components much lower than the tax on the finished product - so the government stimulates domestic production. Medical console is included in the list of essential equipment installed in the anesthetic and intensive care units, therefore is not taxed.

Savings in transportation, logistics, localization of production and tax incentives can reduce the cost of equipment. Spare parts and accessories are always present on the Russian stock, so the buyer can be assured of timely maintenance.

Our specialists have been trained at the manufacturing plants, so they have all the necessary knowledge about the assembly and maintenance of the domestic console. Periodically, they undergo refresher courses.

Models OK, DN, ZS - is universal models, they are able to accommodate themselves to the 6 types of medical gases, electrical connectors and lighting systems. Medical consoles - a profile modules with a frame made of anodized aluminum, whose advantages: lightness, durability, safety, health, resistance to corrosion and UV radiation, durability, ease of care and aesthetics.